Haley Hideaway rental cabin in Rangeley, Maine
Haley Hideaway is just a short walk or drive from Rangeley's Main Street, where you'll find shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. Rangeley is a small, friendly town and we certainly recommend that you take a little time to explore it. We've included some information below to help you get started.
Restaurants & Dining
Although Haley Hideaway has a fully equipped kitchen (not to mention a grill and a fire pit), you may still want to let someone else do the cooking. Rangeley has several restaurants just minutes from Haley Hideaway, including: Shopping
Rangeley has several interesting gift shops, as well as shops specializing in outdoor equipment and supplies, clothing, and home furnishings. Entertainment
In additional to its many outdoor pursuits Rangeley offers several ways to while away your time after the sun goes down or if the weather isn't cooperating. Other Conveniences
Need groceries, gas, cash, or something else? All the basics are right here in Rangeley. Outdoor Pursuits
Rangeley is famous for having a host of outdoor activities to offer throughout the year. The list below is just a sampling of what awaits you.